This dashboard is the start of the city's process of tracking our progress on key indicators of well-being and performance in the City Transformation Plan.

Overall Population Indicators
Transforming New Haven into a City of Promise, Opportunity, and Innovation.
Poverty Rate, All Residents, 2013
Goal: Reduced poverty in all neighborhoods.
Source: DataHaven. (2013). Neighborhood Profiles.
Child Poverty Rate, 2013
Goal: Reduced poverty for all children.
Source: DataHaven. (2013). Neighborhood Profiles.
Job Creation and Workforce Development
Our vision: All residents have the job training, basic skills and access to services that they need to succeed in living-wage employment and achieve financial stability.
Access to Good Jobs
Goal: All residents can get local living-wage jobs.
Source: DataHaven. (2013). Greater New Haven Community Index; Department of Labor.
Goal: All residents can support themselves financially.
Source: DataHaven. (2015). Community Wellbeing Survey.
Basic Skills
Goal: All residents are prepared to succeed and achieve financial security.
Community Health and Mental Health
Our vision: All residents will breathe freely, have enough to eat, and be able to access quality wraparound care and support to be physically, mentally, and emotionally well.
Goal: All residents can breathe freely.
Source: DataHaven. (2013). Greater New Haven Community Index. Note: 2012 figure from an average of 2010 through 2012.
Goal: A tobacco free New Haven.
Source: DataHaven. (2015). Community Wellbeing Survey.
Food Security
Goal: All residents have enough to eat, and all residents have access to healthy and nutritious foods.

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